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The liquor permit process in Ohio can be confusing, frustrating and time consuming to say the least.  Let The Ohio Ballot Option take care of the local liquor option process so you can free yourself to concentrate on your business.

All Campaigns include:

  • Researching the location to find the correct precinct and signature total


  • Notifying you of any applications that need to be submitted to secure the desired permits


  • Notifying you of any fees, background checks, tax issues or inspections that need to be cleared


  • Staying in communication with the Division of Liquor Control as to your permits progress


  • Ensuring that the correct questions get placed on the petition as outlined in the Ohio Revised Code


  • Persuasively canvassing the precinct toward a “Yes” vote in November


  • Gathering a sufficient number of valid signatures with a buffer of no less than 20% more than are required


  • Paying submission fees to the Board of Elections


  • Guaranteeing placement on the next available ballot with elected officials


  • Providing direct feedback from the community concerning your business


  • Informing you of the issue number on the next ballot so that you can get the word out to your customers and neighbors


  • Giving a short promotional/informative online write-up about your business and my experiences in the community


  • Correcting Google map errors and adding photos to a positive, informative review of your business


  • Immediately notifying you of the results, as they become official, the night of the election


  • Following up with any additional steps that need to be taken with the Division of Liquor Control

Further Campaigning on your issue is  always beneficial.   The following services are recommend if there is a need.  They have a powerful motivational effect on the community and the results can been seen in the final tally.

Additional Campaigns Can Include:

Letter Writing

  • A targeted letter written only to the voters who support your issue and those who were not canvassed at signature gathering. 


  • Introduce your business and your plans in the community and ask the voters for support

Get Out the Vote Efforts Include:

Door Hanger the Week of the Election
  • Remind voters of the upcoming election and ask them to vote "Yes" on your issue number

Election Day GOtV
  • Monitor the Election results as they come in at and visit supporters in person to urge them to the polls if they haven't voted yet

Additional campaigns are available and recommended if you have worries about your issue passing.  A strong campaign can make a big difference.  If you would like, book a consultation.

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